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We Build Powerful Websites
NT1 webhosting


NT1 Web Development

We develop our websites using XHTML for markup, CSS for styling, PHP for functionality, Javascript & Ajax for interaction and MySQL for data storage.

Website Development

We offer a wide range of design & development solutions like creating stunning websites and user friendly web applications to fulfill all your business requirements.

Dynamic Analytics

Track who's going to your website, from their location down to their actions on your website. What they click, how long they stay on your website, heat-maped hot spots and more...

Website maintenance

We update, develop, and keep your website operating at its fullest. Simple! Contact us for more info...

Content Management System (CMS)

We currently develop with Magento and Wordpress for content management and ecommerce.

Emphasis on Security.

SQL database injections, Cross site scripting (XSS ), and other weak infrastructure vulnerabilities hackers rely on are completely secured within our scripts.

Attention to detail.

From the process to designing, preparing artwork, implementing strict code, browser compatibility, and creating user friendly interfaces. and so on.......

  • Rich graphics
  • Customized & unique design
  • logo design
  • Contact / Inquiry form
  • Image optimization
  • Search engine friendly coding

Send us your requirements in detail and we’ll send you an estimated price quote within one business day. Include your preferences & ideas for the new website & we will take care of the rest.

Managed Hosting: Designed for the smaller company seeking a sound yet inexpensive shared hosting server that is fully monitored. More Info.

Full VPS Hosting: Suitable for medium to larger needs. Upgraded processor, hardware, storage, and bandwidth than the Managed Hosting plan. More Info.

Dedicated Server Management:

Higher end needs that require larger hosting resources. More Info

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